Special Effects!

Keeping things simple and easy is not always a simple task. You probably already know that I enjoy lighting up colored LEDs. When I got my Arduino Due, I quickly learned that many of my common Arduino libraries will not work due to the timing of interrupts, from 16MHz to 84MHz, etc., as well as moving from Atmel AVR to ARM-based architechure. Unfortunately, at this time, I cannot work my three 7-segment LED displays, but I did get OneWire to work, flawlessly. I even wrote my own error handler to correct data before it gets output through the serial port.


The above readout show the temperature of my air conditioned room. It's quite warm since my table's backwall is superheated by the sunshine. As you can see, I modified public code to remove redundant info and just show what I want to know. My [level 1] error handler prevents misread data.

The ACEduino Training Shield

The Arduino Shield I'm using, was made in the Philippines (and I'm living in the Philippines...). Here's the Fritzing drawing of what is looks like without the 7-Segment displays:


This Fritzing drawing is only symbolic to what the ACEduino Training Shield works. Actual parts may differ.

The Wonderful Source Code


Rather than explaining what my source code does, I want to make it educational... Look for my error handler code... It's simple, right?



Marcos "Kuya Marc" Miranda