Back to The Basics!

Now that my Raspberry Pi has taken on my computer security projects from my Seeeduino 328, my Wiznet Ethernet Shield is now available for new Arduino-related projects, unfortunately, I can't use it with my new Arduino DUE from element14. My Seeeduino 328 and Wiznet Ethernet Shield had been running embedded computer security projects for over 15 months continuously prior to migrating my code to my Raspberry Pi. Now, I had forgotten how to use my Wiznet Ethernet Shield, so I'm starting back at the beginning, but with a twist for more advanced projects.


My Arduino Mega Protoshield was once used for a Twitter project; the on-board LEDs were used for status notifications. The LM35 temperature sensor is still connected to analog pin 7. Not shown in the pictures, is my DIP switches which was implanted for future use, such as with my new Arduino DUE. The LEDs were activated, on purpose, for the picture alone.

A Simple Telnet Server


This image snapshot of my telnet activity shows that my Wiznet Ethernet Shield is still functioning as it should. Though the Ethernet Server code is publicly available online, I've decided to post my incarnation of it, to be used with future projects.

The Wonderful Source Code

If you, the reader, would like to dramatically enhance my Arduino sketch for me to try out, please let me know. You will get credit. Thanks, in advance.



Marcos "Kuya Marc" Miranda