It's Working!

Editting Python script to make an LCD work on my Raspberry Pi's PiPlate just isn't my style, however, it works! At least, with Python, though my code writes are small, I don't have to run a binary with embedded debugging code. My LCD is not a standard LCD; it's a generic one from China that doesn't have any backlighting. Notice the offset in pins...


My Hello World Code

I know, I know, this is a simple rewrite of code.

My Simple Dual-Clock Code


Since I have no idea how to write efficient code in Python (I'm a veteran C programmer!), I wrote this code because it works for a picture!

Thanks for Reading!

Here in the Philippines, the local choices for a 16x2 LCD all come from China, therefore none of the locally available ones will be directly suitable Adafruit's board. There's a backlit colored one at Alexan for PHP P1,200 (under USD $28) but the pin settings are just like the one I already have. Anyways, thanks for reading and have a nice day!


Marcos "Kuya Marc" Miranda