Linux, Embedded!

Ever since I've been seeing the news about BeagleBone Black, I never thought I would actually have one. Actually, my BeagleBone BlackBeagleBone Black is courtest of a good Samaritan by the name of Drew Fustini. Previously, I originally thought the Raspberry Pi was my retirement gift, but I guess, it's the BeagleBone Black; to celebrate 16 years of my Linux skills! (I first touched the Linux operating system on July 17, 1997, in Makati City, Philippines.)


It's the Gnome Desktop!

It was in late May of 1998 when I first started working with the Gnome Desktop; it was from Red Hat Linux! Now, before the BeagleBone Black (BBB), the last time I played around with Gnome was in 2009; that was the time I switched to Xfce. Today is now Day Number Three (Day #3) of my use of my BBB. The first day was a big hassle, as I couldn't get the BBB's primary OS (Angstrom Linux) to work with my 22-inch LED TV (HDTV). After almost a dozen experiments, I almost gave up!


This working solution was not easy to do! Unfortunately, I can't get any other BBB operating system working with my TV at this time.


I'm now working my new BeagleBone Black with my very new (got it yesterday) Logitech-brand USB keyboard. My other USB keyboard (from CD-R King) went along with my Raspberry Pi.

Thanks for Reading!

The BeagleBone Black is, at present, too difficult for me to work with, despite my 16 years of Linux experience. It's actually the Angstrom Distribution! I can't really promote this operating system, because I haven't yet discovered how to do advanced stuff; there's no software for my embedded systems development projects! It's limited to on-board compiling, using C and Python as much as I've discovered. Thanks again for reading, and have a nice day!


Marcos "Kuya Marc" Miranda