It Works!

Speech Synthesis with my new BeagleBone BlackBeagleBone Black... It had to be done! It doing it using Ubuntu Raring Ringtail! My speech synthesis hobby, originally established three decades ago, continues on, embedded style.


Secure Shell (SSH) Login...


This is my SSH login screen. I used this tutorial for SSH login without a password. For the ASCII graphics, I used Figlet. For the colors, I used Mewbies Tutorial.

My Brag Screen


I am using BeagleBoard Ubuntu, and I flashed the eMMC using a prebuilt Ubuntu flasher. My brag screen is a simple BASH alias function that does the following: (with echos removed)

  1. The Header: cat ~/intro.txt
  2. uname -srvmo
  3. cat /proc/version
  4. festival --version
  5. espeak --version
  6. free -h
  7. df -h

Festival Speech Synthesizer

Usually, when I tell people I do speech synthesis, they immediately presume text-to-speech (TTS), and make very fast judgements about The Festival Speech Synthesis System. Well, I do speech synthesis differently than most people. I use phonetics to generate synthesized speech. For over 25 years, phonetics has been part of my own self-studies in the field of linguistics.


That image is Festival in action, on my BeagleBone Black. The "saytime" command is a BASH alias for the flite command to announce the time. I'm not able to record video at this time as my camera seems to be putting lines in the pictures I take. Here are the phonetic conversions for the Tagalog language:

To work the demo, sudo apt-get install festival has to be done in Ubuntu.

Here are the voices I have already installed onto my BeagleBone Black:


BASH alias 'voices' is using the tree command.

Thanks for Reading!

Today is day #5 for having the BeagleBone Black. I've had a lot of trouble in getting it to work with my 22-inch Xenon TV, so I decided to settle with a headless mode setup. This allows me to work my BeagleBone Black using just an SSH connection. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!


Marcos "Kuya Marc" Miranda