MPlayer is an undocumented, pre-installed feature (Linux application) of The Angstrom Distribution. Thought MPlayer is common in nearly all Linux distributions, it's secretly tucked away as a command-line-only option; that means you won't find it in any of the pre-installed menus. This blog post presumes you already configured your sound card and it is indeed, working as the default. Here's my first take using the secure shell (SSH):


Here's my second take at it, using the default Gnome Desktop of The Angstrom Distribution:


Here's the command-line string I'm using:

mplayer -prefer-ipv4 -cache 1024 -playlist

  • mplayer: the command
  • -prefer-ipv4: IPv6 does not exist at my location
  • -cache 1024: Internet speeds are slow at my location, especially during a tropical storm
  • -playlist xxx: The URL that I wish to play

I get my URLs from SHOUTcast:

Ambient Radio Stations at SHOUTcast

Then, I right-click on the mouse to copy the URL, and paste it after the "-playlist " option. I prefer listening to ambient music when I doing geeky stuff...

Thanks for Reading!

Now that my BeagleBone BlackBeagleBone Black can play streaming music, I can move on to other projects. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!


Marcos "Kuya Marc" Miranda