Nowadays, there seems to be too many online posts that compare the BeagleBone Black and the Raspberry Pi, but most, if not all of them, forget to mention the end user's prerogative. For this blog post, I'm going to describe the user, rather that the boards, in terms of assessing their technical skills. Some prefer it easy whereas other prefer to exercise their technical expertise.

Computer Operator

A computer operator that has no interest in touching those GPIO pins/sockets. Instead, a computer operator will prefer a software-based solution because they feel it's easier; however, this style of attitude only adds points as a computer operator.

A die-hard computer operator would choose the Raspberry Pi because it has fewer GPIO pins/sockets and the default operating systems are easy, as well as, the promoted Python programming language, is easier to work with.

Embedded Systems Developer

A developer of embedded systems (a.k.a. "hardware developer") has interests in touching those GPIO pins/sockets for the purpose of adding electronic circuits to the development board. An embedded systems developer is not afraid to add peripherals (user interface, as in embedded system) by use of those GPIO pins/sockets. This type of person is not afraid to demonstrate his/her skills of building electronic circuits and programming the development board's CPU to utilize the new creation(s). Some of the embedded projects seen online, are using LEDs, LCDs, servo motors, piezo buzzers, sensors, my SpeakJet speech synthesizer, and lots more.

Half and Half

An end user that is "half and half" is only curious about inserting wires into those GPIO pins/sockets. Persons in this category, are more relaxed when using a software-based solution, but have some kind of interest in touching though GPIO pins/sockets. They also prefer the easy way, rather than the hard way.

Thanks for Reading!

As you can tell, I decided to write this article because many people had suggested a software-based speech synthesizer instead of working with the Speakjet microcontroller; that type of suggestion should be applied to all peripherals since most people have become comfortable in a virtual lifestyle. In a virtual lifestyle, there's a software solution for everything; in that way, there won't be a need for hobbyist to play around with electronic semiconductors. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.


Marcos "Kuya Marc" Miranda