BeagleBone Black: To The Rescue!

Yesterday morning, my mini Android TV Box died and I immediately thought of using my BeagleBone Black as a temporary replacement. Most of the time, my mini Android TV Box plays streaming music from Digitally Imported (DI) premium service, especially when programming and/or working my electronic projects.


Recent Screenshot from my mini Android TV Box

Based on inbound monetary contributions to my PayPal account, I am able to subscribe to the Premium Service.

Using Mplayer...

Though I already have Mplayer working fine in The Angstrom Distribution, I decided to do a sideline, headless project that will make my BeagleBone Black into a headless Internet radio player. The keyword is "headless", meaning, I want the BeagleBone Black to automatically play DI radio after powering on, without requiring a monitor, keyboard, mouse, or even a secure shell (SSH) login. And I want to do this on a shoestring budget and I did!

My Sound Devices

Though the BeagleBone BlackBeagleBone Black has an internal sound card by TI, I can't afford a DAC setup to make it work for my needs, so I'm using my locally purchased USB sound card, instead.

My rc.local file

This file is found in /etc/.

My file

I've put this file into /etc/.

Obviously, I am not sharing my premium listening key.

Thanks for Reading!

Though my BeagleBone Black configuration is probably as robust as it gets, it works fine for me. For those that would like to contribute to my hobby work and encourage me to continue on blogging, please consider sending me load to my mobile phone in the Philippines. Visit SMART Pinoy Load and enter "639289884713" under "Enter a valid SMART prepaid mobile number" like this:


Though sending load to my mobile phone is purely optional, it encourages me to keep blogging about my technical hobbies. Thanks again for reading and have a nice day!


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