Originally, I installed The Angstrom Distribution a couple of weeks ago and was planning on downloading a newer release. Today, I decided to do an opkg upgrade and... Now, the Linux Kernel has been updated! That saves me from re-flashing the eMMC and restoring my files from backup.


Still, the maintainer is using Linux Kernel 3.8.13, which "is the LAST 3.8.y kernel release" as it "is end-of-life, dead, gone, buried, and put way behind us never to be spoken of again." Unfortunately, the maintainer has not yet chosen to move to the 3.9.y kernel series, though he had already EOL'd the 2011 repos in The Angstrom Distribution.


One of the first things I've noticed after the opkg upgrade, was that the root autologin has been removed and I couldn't log in without a password, so I had to do a remote shell login (ssh) and create a password. After logging in, I decided to change my wallpaper.


Luckily, Mplayer still plays my premium music from Digitally Imported, however, within 20-30 minutes of playback, Angstrom simply forgets I am using my USB sound card. Though I have only "optargs=quiet" in my uEnv.txt file, HMDI sound does not work with my 22-inch LED TV. The HDMI support page says "1280x720@60 (Audio)" but no audio comes from my TV at that setting. I guess there's some top secret magic to make it work.

My xorg.conf file

Here's my xorg.conf file that I editted to make it work with my LED TV.

For my LED TV to work at 1280x720@60, I had to use cvt 1280 720 60 from the command line and edit the xorg.conf directly. Afterwards, I rebooted and my screen is properly set. I also used my LED TV's user manual for the correct setting.

Thanks for Reading!

Though I prefer running other Linux distributions on my BeagleBone BlackBeagleBone Black, only Angstrom gives a usable picture on my LED TV. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!


Marcos "Kuya Marc" Miranda