Robotic Tagalog at It's Best!

After doing some major tweaks with my Tagalog speech synthesis dictionary for the SpeakJet speech synthesizer, I decided to port my Tagalog speaking SpeakJet demo to my BeagleBone Black. Though you see the English-only TTS256 microcontroller in the picture above, I am not using it for this project.

The Spoken Words...



Ako ang SpeakJet.

Tagalog ang ginagamit ko.

Allophones ay na-convert sa Tagalog na salita.

Salamat sa iyo pra sa pakikinig sa akin magsalita ng Tagalog.

Salamat kay Marcos Miranda.

Magandang araw sa iyo.


English translation


I am SpeakJet.

I speak Tagalog.

I convert allophones into Tagalog speech.

Thanks for listening to me speak Tagalog.

Thanks to Marcos Miranda.

Have a nice day.

The Wonderful Source Code

My Python source code is open source but not public domain. My speech synthesis dictionary, a.k.a. "MirandaSoft Dictionary" is not open source, nor is it included with the Robotic Tagalog demo. The reason why I don't include the dictionary, is because I work hard in converting Tagalog words into synthesized speech, and I don't feel it's fair to give away my dictionary for free. Hopefully, if monetary donations come in or keep coming in, I will be willing to give out the dictionary in segments. Encoding is a lot of work!

This code is a port of my original Arduino code at: Arduino & SpeakJet: The World's First Robotic Tagalog Embedded Speech Synthesizer.

Thanks for Reading!

Now that my Tagalog SpeakJet Demo has been ported to my BeagleBone BlackBeagleBone Black, I can do other SpeakJet projects. Please join my SpeakJet Google+ Community if you want to stay up to date with my SpeakJet projects. Thanks again for reading and have a nice day!


Marcos "Kuya Marc" Miranda