Robotic Tagalog on the Raspberry Pi!

Finally! My Raspberry Pi speaks robotic Tagalog using SpeakJet, the 100% tangible speech synthesizer, handbuilt in the Philippines. Now, the Raspberry Pi can do other functions while SpeakJet is talking.

The Spoken Words...



Ako ang SpeakJet.

Tagalog ang ginagamit ko.

Allophones ay na-convert sa Tagalog na salita.

Salamat sa iyo pra sa pakikinig sa akin magsalita ng Tagalog.

Salamat kay Marcos Miranda.

Magandang araw sa iyo.


English translation


I am SpeakJet.

I speak Tagalog.

I convert allophones into Tagalog speech.

Thanks for listening to me speak Tagalog.

Thanks to Marcos Miranda.

Have a nice day.


Here's a symbolic representation of how my Raspberry Pi is connected to the SpeakJet microcontroller via the English-based TTS256 microcontroller. For this project, the TTS256 microcontroller will be bypassed by software controls. Since the SpeakJet SPK line is 5VDC, my onboard line-level converter safely converts voltage to 3VDC for the Raspberry Pi.


The Wonderful Source Code

This source code is exclusively for making the SpeakJet speak the Tagalog language. Though extensive use of phonemes are being used, my Tagalog speech synthesis dictionary is not included.

Thanks for Reading!

One of the things I like about working SpeakJet projects, is that I can stay "open source" while keeping my Tagalog speech synthesis dictionary private. Today's project is using my Raspberry PiRaspberry Pi that I had purchased from element14 in October 2012. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!


Marcos "Kuya Marc" Miranda