My Latest Experiment!

Yesterday, after bombing my Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) installation on my BeagleBone Black's eMMC, I decided to do my best in getting Debian 8.0 to work with latest Linux Kernel and go a step further, run the Xfce Desktop Environment. The result is, sort of a usable system, however, my eMMC is almost out of memory!


With only 159MB of space available, I am able to do some stuff; most of which are in a text-based screen. That means, "No Space to install Arduino!" (Support files for Arduino exceed the eMMC space available.)


How I got Debian 8.0 on the eMMC:

My instructions may not be that easy to follow, but I'm a veteran Linux user/developer and my target audience is usually persons with advanced Linux OS experiences. It is just too easy to mess up and have your BeagleBone Black working as a flashlight (bricked).

  1. I downloaded BBB-eMMC-flasher-debian-7.1-2013-08-26.img and flashed the eMMC
  2. I immedately changed my sources.list file and did the aptitude update, upgrade, dist-upgrade
  3. I used this script to upgrade to the latest Debian 8.0 kernel
  4. After rebooting, a barebones Debian 8.0 system is now running on the eMMC

Reminder: That eMMC on your BeagleBone Black is only 2GB in size (1.7GB usable). Don't expect to load it with every software application known to mankind. Go HERE if you want to work Debian 8.0 on the microSD card.

My source.list file

My uEnv.txt file

Installing the Xfce4 Desktop

Installing the Xfce Desktop Environment may not be the most practical desktop environment for the BeagleBone Black, but it's a desktop environment I'm used to used for a few years, now. Here's how I installed the Xfce4 desktop environment:

sudo apt-get install xfce4


Thanks for Reading!

As a courtesy for everyone reading this blog post, I've uploaded my list of packages installed on my BeagleBone BlackBeagleBone Black (courtesy of Drew Fustini). You can guess that I'm doing "musical operating systems" on my BeagleBone Black, as what I've installed today may not be what's installed tomorrow. As of this writing, I have no capes, so I'm limited on what I can do. For those that would like to encourage me to write more blog posts, such as this one, please make an optional, monetary donation to my PayPal account. Without those optional monetary donations, I just feel like giving up blogging. Thanks, again for reading and have a nice day!


Marcos "Kuya Marc" Miranda