No GUI This Time!

Now, I'm running my second Debian 8.0 installation on my BeagleBone Black. This time, I am using my 4GB microSD card and I have no plans on running a graphical user interface (GUI). My goal is to work my projects with my BeagleBone Black in headless mode. For those that would like to have Debian 8.0 running on the BeagleBone Black, here's the webpage that you will need to read:

Debian Jessie (development snapshot)

My Flagship Project

My professional grade, closed-source phoneme parser for the SpeakJet speech synthesizer microcontroller, is my top flagship project that I am constantly developing using the C programming language.


My uEnv.txt file

My Aptitude sources.list file

Thanks for Reading!


Again, I am working another project on my BeagleBone BlackBeagleBone Black (courtesy of Drew Fustini). For those that would like to encourage me to write more blog posts, such as this one, please make an optional, monetary donation to my PayPal account. Without those optional monetary donations, I just feel like giving up blogging. Thanks, again for reading and have a nice day!


Marcos "Kuya Marc" Miranda