A 4-Way Test?

For over three decades, speech synthesis has been my interest and now my full-time hobby. For today's project, I decided to use four available speech synthesis methods on my BeagleBone Black, showing off how each one sounds. When you view the video, it's noticable that the SpeakJet does not consume processor power from the BeagleBone Black's CPU; notice LED3 off when SpeakJet is talking.

Here are the command-line instructions I did to make this video:

espeak "MirandaSoft" ; echo "MirandaSoft" | festival --tts ; say "MirandaSoft"; sjs \Volume \127 \MM \Fast \IY \RR \Stress \AW \NE \DO \Fast \AW \Slow \SO \Slow \Stress \OH \FF \TT


For the demo, I used the following Linux-based applications:

  1. eSpeak
  2. Festival Speech Synthesis System
  3. Flite
  4. SJS - My SpeakJet Phoneme Speaker

Thanks for Reading!

Speech synthesis is one of my active hobby projects. My SpeakJet microcontrollers are courtesy of SparkFun Electronics. My BeagleBone BlackBeagleBone Black is courtesy of Drew Fustini. Thanks, again for reading and have a nice day!


Marcos "Kuya Marc" Miranda