eben_kid.gifEben Upton recently held a kids' masterclass with 15 kids interested in computer programming. Eben was so overwhelmed by the reception that he gifted the kids a Raspberry Pi each. Don’t worry these were ones which belonged to the Raspberry Pi Foundation and were not from our stock! We know you are all desperate to get your hands on one and we are delighted to say that all the paperwork has been done and we are starting to get the first batch out tonight with more on Monday.


Here we have some pictures of Eben arriving with the Raspberry Pi’s with Liz and his amazing masterclass with the youngsters. We will update more on delivery dates next week but we are delighted to have the first batch here and heading out to you.


In the meantime, why not catch up on what Eben had to say about video programming with the Raspberry Pi at our recent Design Flow webinar.