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Blog About Pi & Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab2 Tablet!


It’s an inventor’s dream come true! The new 512 MB Raspberry Pi offers double the memory of our first model at the same great price.


We want your stories! Join our blogging competition!

* Show us what you can do with twice the memory in a 300-word (or more) blog. Share your projects.

  • Directions:


    • Select "Share your projects."
    • Go to the Actions box in the right column and select "Create blog post."
    • Select "Publish" at the bottom of the page when your submission is complete.


* The element14 Community Team will choose the top 5 projects.

* The creator of the winning project will win a Samsung Galaxy Tab2 Tablet.

* The remaining 4 projects will be showcased on the Community.


Current entries include


Good Luck and Happy Building!!!!


- The element14 Community Team


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Congrats to cassioeskelsen for his winning submission, which can be found here.