Yesterday we unveiled the world's biggest Raspberry Pi. Actually, it was a cake version of the single board computer to celebrate its forthcoming 1st birthday, which was presented to the foundation at the Embedded World conference in Nuremberg (It's here in case you missed it).


Today we thought you might be interested to see how the cake was constructed.  Martin Rößler and his team at were asked to build a metre long version of the Raspberry Pi, keeping as closely to the actual board as possible. The results were unbelievable and we were blown away by the skill of the bakers who created it. You will see a couple of images below, so head over to our Google+ page to view the full album.


To paraphrase GLaDOS "The cake is a Pi."


Planned and designed by Martin Rößler

Created by Master baker Susanne Wienecke



Length 120cm

Width 80cm

Weight 45Kg

Base is a heavy chocolate cake covered in green icing. The USB, HDMI is a 'Marmour' cake.


Ingredients (Approximate)

  • 10kg Butter
  • 7kg sugar
  • 130 pc. Eggs
  • 4kg dark chocolate        
  • 5kg Mehl
  • LOTS of colouring



Genius At Work.jpg