Just thought I would share this with anyone interested. It's just one small step towards my fuel cell powered UAV.


2013-06-18 16.13.54 v2.jpg


Main points in this post are:

  • Completely wireless pi running with a 4.3" screen
  • Max voltage anywhere is 5v (improvement over Ben Hecks awesome games console)


See attached photos!


How did I do it?

  1. Bought a cheap 4.3" TFT screen here
  2. Took it out of the external case
  3. Desoldered V+ cable and resoldered it downwind of the 5v regulator
  4. Desoldered the Pi's composite jack (to save size & weight)
  5. Soldered the composite line from the screen to the Pi
  6. Soldered the power & ground wires from the screen to TP1 & TP2
  7. Made an I2C breakout board and plugged it into the GPIO header
    1. I2C is what I primarilly use for all my projects
  8. Put it all in a box with some token cooling holes
  9. Stuck on a 10Ah battery pack here
  10. Plugged in a wifi dongle
  11. Plugged in a wireless keboard here
  12. Power up and struggle to read the screen until you run this setup code:
    1. sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup
      1. UTF-8
      2. Guess optimal character set
      3. VGA
      4. 16x28 (framebuffer only)



In the box I still get good wifi and keyboard signal. Only problem is the screen isn't hi-def but it is certainly good enough for reading text (eg on the console).


I have put an I2C temperature sensor in the box, this is my main concern as there is some high power stuff going on in there, but so far no issues.


Any questions, queries or comments, please do fire away!