Development Kit for Kinetis K53 Family

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Short Description: The TWR-K53N512-KIT is a development kit for the K53 family of Kinetis microcontrollers. This kit is part of the Freescale Tower System, a modular, reusable development platform that allows designers to get to market faster with packaged evaluation b ...

Part of the Freescale Tower System: Modular Development Platform group. View the group

  • Features MK53N512CMD100 MAPBGA 144 pins MCU
  • Tower compatible processor module
  • S08JM60 based Open Source JTAG (JTAG) circuit
  • User-controlled status LEDs
  • Capacitive Touch Pad sensors and mechanical push buttons
  • Medical expansion connector (connect AFE Plugin like TWR - MCF51MM)
  • SD Card Slot Connect
  • TWRPI-SLCD board (28 segment LCD) through TWRPI interface.
  • Compatible with TWR-SER (Ethernet, USB connectivity)
  • MMA7660 Accelerometer