Freescale: 1323XDSK-BDM - Development Kit for MC1323X Family

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Kit Overview


Freescale offers a full set of hardware platforms for evaluation of the cost-effective MC1323X System on Chip (SoC) solutions (like 1323XDSK-BDM1323XDSK-BDM ). Designers may choose the hardware and software platform that achieves their design goals. The newest SoC product family integrates the 2.4 GHz transceiver, HCS08 series microcontroller, memory and input/output (I/O) in a single package. The 8-bit integrated alternative allows easy implementation of cost-effective solutions for those familiar with Freescale’s HCS08 family and for those just starting out with embedded wireless design. The MC1323X kits are optimized to support SynkroRF and RF4CE consumer applications as well as many general market applications while allowing designers to achieve their end system cost targets.


MC1323X family development kits (1323XDSK-BDM1323XDSK-BDM) are built on three modular boards, each of which offer features and functions targeted at consumer electronics applications. The modular boards are assembled into specific configurations to allow straightforward system development. The modularity of the solutions offers designers the opportunity to select specific structures (using reference design materials and content) for direct implementation into their end systems, thereby reducing design time and associated costs.


The MC1323x family is Freescale’s low cost  System-on-Chip (SoC) platform for the IEEE 802.15.4  Standard that incorporates a complete, low power, 2.4  GHz radio frequency transceiver with Tx/Rx switch, an  8-bit HCS08 CPU, and a functional set of MCU  peripherals into a 48-pin LGA package. This family of  products is targeted for wireless RF remote control and  other cost-sensitive applications ranging from home TV  and entertainment systems such as ZigBee BeeStack  Consumer (RF4CE) to low cost, low power, IEEE  802.15.4 and ZigBee end nodes. The MC1323x is a  highly integrated solution, with very low power  consumption.


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Freescale MC1323X MCU Based Starter Development Kit along with USB Multilink BDM

1323XDSK1323XDSKFreescale MC1323X MCU Based Starter Development Kit

Key Applications:Advanced Heat Meter, Remote Controls, Gas and Water Meter, Home Energy Management Systems, Home Automation: Convenience at home, ZigBee® for Home Area Network Metering

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Development Tools


Software Development Tools:


Tool TypeSupplierMPNSupported FamilyDescription
IDEFreescaleCodeWarriorAll Freescale MCU's

Freescale's software and development solutions take you beyond the silicon, helping to bring your embedded applications to life.  Learn More



Hardware Development Tools:


Tool TypeSupplierMPNSupported FamilyDescription
Debuggers, Emulators & JTAG ToolsFreescaleU-MULTILINKU-MULTILINKHC08 / HCS08 / HCS12 / ColdFire / Qorivva MPC55xx/56xx / KinetisP&E USB Multilink Universal debug and programming interface for HCS08, HC(S)12(X), ColdFire, Qorivva MPC55xx/56xx, and Kinetis
Debuggers, Emulators & JTAG ToolsFreescaleUSBMULTILINKBDMEUSBMULTILINKBDMEHCS08 / RS08 / HCS12USB BDM Interface cable for the 68HC(S)12(X) and 68HCS08 and 68RS08 and ColdFire V1
Debuggers, Emulators & JTAG ToolsFreescaleUSBMULTILINK08EUSBMULTILINK08EHC08In-circuit emulation, debugging and programming for 68HC08 Flash MCUs
Debugger / ProgrammerFreescaleM68CYCLONEPROEM68CYCLONEPROEHC08 / HS08 / RS08 / HCS12Hardware Debug Interface and Stand-Alone Programmer for HC08, HCS08, RS08, ColdFire V1, and HC(S)12(X)


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Technical Documents

Learning Center
DatasheetFREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR: Datasheet for MC1323x Low Cost SoC Remote Control Platform for the 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 Standard
Reference ManualFREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR: Reference Manual for 1323x Development Hardware
User GuideFREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR: Quick Start Guide for BeeKit Wireless Connectivity Toolkit
Solution GuideFREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR: Solution Guide for MC1323x 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee System-on-Chip Solution
Product BriefFREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR: Product Brief on Freescale’s Wireless Connectivity Products Summary
Product BriefFREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR: Product Brief on MC1323x IEEE 802.15.4 Technology
Product BriefFREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR: Product Brief on Freescale IEEE 802.15.4 Development Kits
Application NoteFREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR: AN3251 - Reference Oscillator Crystal Requirements for the MC132xx IEEE 802.15.4 Devices
Application NoteFREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR: AN4353 - Flexible Active Shutter Control Interface using the MC1323x


Design Elements
Design FileFreescale: Design File For 1322x Kit
SchematicsFreescale: Schematics File For 1322x Kit
LayoutFreescale: Layout File For 1322x Kit


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Kit Features


  • MC13233MC13233 802.15.4 2.4 GHz PiP1323XDSK-BDM_2.PNG
  • LCD (RCM)
  • Four LCD soft touch push buttons (RCM)
  • 36 button keypad (RCM)
  • Eight direction plus select joystick (RCM)
  • IR transmitter (RCM)
  • Buzzer (RCM)
  • Digital accelerometer (RCM)
  • Digital gyroscope (RCM)
  • I/O header (REM)
  • USB connection
  • Power LED and six status LEDs (REM)
  • Power LED and six status LEDs (RCM)
  • Six push buttons (REM)
  • IR receiver and transmitter (REM)
  • Printed F antenna (REM)
  • On/Off switch
  • Battery connectors
  • Test points



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Kit Contents


  • Modular Reference Board (1323x–MRB)
  • Remote Extender Board (1323x–REM)
  • Remote Control Motherboard (1323x–RCM)
  • 1323x–USB

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