Texas Instruments: TMS320C6713 DSP Starter Kit (DSK)

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Kit Overview


The Texas Instrument’s TMS320C6713TMS320C6713 DSP Starter Kit (TMDSDSK6713TMDSDSK6713 DSK) developed jointly with Spectrum Digital is a low-cost development platform designed to speed the development of high precision applications based on TI´s TMS320C6000 floating point DSP generation. The kit uses USB communications for true plug-and-play functionality. Both experienced and novice designers can get started immediately with innovative product designs with the DSK´s full featured Code Composer Studio IDE and eXpressDSP Software which includes DSP/BIOS and Reference Frameworks.


The C6713 DSK tools includes the latest fast simulators from TI and access to the Analysis Toolkit via Update Advisor which features the Cache Analysis tool and Multi-Event Profiler. Using Cache Analysis developers improve the performance of their application by optimizing cache usage. By providing a graphical view of the on-chip cache activity over time the user can quickly determine if their code is using the on-chip cache to get peak performance.


The C6713 DSK allows you to download and step through code quickly and uses Real Time Data Exchange (RTDX) for improved Host and Target communications. The DSK includes the Fast Run Time Support libraries and utilities such as Flashburn to program flash, Update Advisor to download tools, utilities and software and a power on self test and diagnostic utility to ensure the DSK is operating correctly.


Key Applications: Machine Vision: Camera, Machine Vision, Frame Grabber, MRI, Software Defined Radio, Ultrasound System, Vector Signal Analyzer, Vector Signal Generator.

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Development Tools


Software Development Tools:

Tool TypeSupplierMPNSupported FamilyDescription
IDETexas InstrumentsCode Composer Studio (CCStudio)ALL TI MCUsCCStudio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for TI embedded   processor families. CCStudio comprises a suite of tools used to develop and debug embedded applications. It includes   compilers for each of TI's device families, source code editor, project build environment, debugger, profiler, simulators,   real-time operating system and many other features. Learn More



Hardware Development Tools:


Tool TypeSupplierMPNSupported FamilyDescription
Debuggers, Emulators & JTAG ToolsTexas InstrumentsXDS100V2 JTAGXDS100V2 JTAGC2000 / C5000 / C6000JTAG Emulator


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Technical Documents

Learning Center


DatasheetTexas Insruments: Datasheet for TMS320C6713 Floating-Point Digital Signal Processor (Rev. L)
User GuideTexas Insruments: Hardware Designer's Resource Guide for TMS320C6713 DSP
Product BriefTexas Insruments: Product Bulletin for TMS320 Floating-Point Digital Signal Processors (Rev. C)
Application NotesTexas Insruments: Application note on using the ADS8327 with the TMS320C6713 DSP
Revision NotesTexas Insruments: Revision Note for TMS320C6713, TMS320C6713B DSPs (Silicon Revisions 2.0, 1.1) (Rev. J)


Design Elements


Application LibraryTexas Insruments: Source code on using the ADS8327 with the TMS320C6713 DSP
BSDLTexas Insruments: BSDL Model for C6713 GDP
BSDLTexas Insruments: BSDL Model for C6713 PYP
IBISTexas Insruments: IBIS Model for C6713B PYP (Rev. B)
IBISTexas Insruments: IBIS Model for C6713B GDP (Rev. B)

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Kit Features


Hardware Feature:


The DSK features theTMS320C6713TMS320C6713 DSP, a 225 MHz device delivering up to 1800 million instructions per second (MIPs) and 1350 MFLOPS. This DSP generation is designed for applications that require high precision accuracy. The C6713 is based on the TMS320C6000 DSP platform designed to needs of high-performing high-precision applications such as pro-audio, medical and diagnostic. Other hardware features of the TMS320C6713TMS320C6713 DSK board include:


  • Embedded JTAG support via USB
  • High-quality 24-bit stereo codec
  • Four 3.5mm audio jacks for microphone, line in, speaker and line out
  • 512K words of Flash and 16 MB SDRAM
  • Expansion port connector for plug-in modules
  • On-board standard IEEE JTAG interface
  • +5V universal power supply


Software Features:

Designers can readily target the TMS32C6713TMS32C6713 DSP through TI´s robust and comprehensive Code Composer Studio™ DSK development platform. The tools, which run on Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows XP, allow developers to seamlessly manage projects of any complexity. Code Composer Studio features for the TMS320C6713TMS320C6713 DSK include:

  • A complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE), an efficient optimizing C/C++ compiler assembler, linker, debugger, an a advanced editor with Code Maestro™ technology for faster code creation, data visualization, a profiler and a flexible project manager
  • DSP/BIOS real-time kernel
  • Target error recovery software
  • DSK diagnostic tool
  • "Plug-in" ability for third-party software for additional functionality


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Kit Contents


  • C6713 DSP Development Board with 512K Flash and 16MB SDRAM
  • C6713 DSK Code Composer Studio™ IDE including the Fast Simulators and access to Analysis Toolkit on Update Advisor
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Technical Reference
  • Customer Support Guide
  • USB Cable
  • Universal Power Supply
  • AC Power Cord(s)
  • MATLAB from The Mathworks 30 day free evaluation

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