2.4 GHz MRF24J40 8-bit Wireless Development Kit

  • MiWi stack support – MiWi, MiWi P2P and MiWI Pro
  • PIC18F46J50 MCU featuring nanoWatt XLP Technology for extreme low power
  • MRF24J40MA, FCC/IC/ETSI certified module with 25AA02E48 EUI Node Identity serial EEPROM on PICtail daughter board
  • MCP9700A Temperature sensor
  • LCD display to develop interactive wireless demos (Removable for lower power)
  • Board can be powered by either AA batteries or 9V power supply or External Power supply or USB
  • RS-232 Serial Accessory board – for debug purposes
  • Support other radios – both in 2.4GHz and Sub-GHz frequencies through PICtail connector