Microchip: DM320001 - PIC32 Starter Kit

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Kit Overview


Microchip’s PIC32 Starter Kit (DM320001DM320001) provides the easiest and lowest cost method to experience the PIC32 microcontroller for the first time. From the over 35 source code examples to the getting started project, users quickly learn Microchip's 32-bit family of microcontrollers and development tools. The kit includes everything needed to write, program, debug, and execute code on a high performance PIC32 microcontroller.


The Starter Kit comes pre-loaded with demonstration software for the user to explore the new features of the PIC32MXPIC32MX. It is also expandable through a modular expansion interface, which allows the user to extend its functionality. The PIC32MXPIC32MX Starter Kit also supplies on-board circuitry for full debug and programming capabilities.


Microchip's 32-bit portfolio with the MIPS® M4K® offers high performance microcontrollers, and all the tools needed to develop your embedded project. With free software, low cost development tools, and pin/peripheral compatibility from 16-bit product lines, PIC32 MCUs shorten time to market and allow your designs to grow. PIC32 gives your application the processing power, memory and peripherals your design needs!


The MIPS32® M4K® Processor Core contains several logic blocks working together in parallel, providing an efficient high performance computing engine. The following blocks are included with the core:

  • Execution Unit
  • Multiply/Divide Unit (MDU)
  • System Control Coprocessor (CP0)
  • Fixed Mapping Translation (FMT)
  • Dual Internal Bus interfaces
  • Power Management
  • MIPS16e Support
  • Enhanced JTAG (EJTAG) Controller


Key Applications: Metering Solutions, Motor control, Home appliance, Design Examples, Digital Power, Lighting, USB, Ethernet, Wireless, Graphics Solutions, Audio and Speech, Low Power.

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Development Tools


Software Development Tools:


Tool TypeSupplierMPNSupported FamilyDescription

MPLAB IDE for all Microchip platforms. Learn More

RTOSMicriumuC/OS IIIPIC24, dsPIC33dsPIC33, PIC32 (MIPS)

μC/OS-III is Micrium’s newest RTOS, designed for developers who need to save time on their current and next embedded sytem projects. Using a commercial real-time kernel such as μC/OS-III provides a solid foundation and framework to the design engineer dealing with the growing complexity of embedded designs.  Learn More


SEGGER embOS (Real Time Operating System) follows strict, yet efficient coding and documentation standards. embOS is a priority-controlled real time operating system, designed to be used as foundation for the development of embedded real-time applications.  Learn More



Hardware Development Tools:


Tool TypeSupplierMPNSupported FamilyDescription
Debuggers, Emulators & JTAG ToolsMicrochipDV244005DV244005PIC/dsPICMPLAB REAL ICE In-Circuit-Emulator
Debuggers, Emulators & JTAG ToolsMicrochipDV164035DV164035PIC/dsPICMPLAB ICD 3 In-Circuit-Debugger
Debuggers, Emulators & JTAG ToolsMicrochipPG164130PG164130PIC/dsPICMPLAB PICkit 3 Debugger Programmer



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Technical Documents

Learning Center


User GuideMicrochip: User Guide for PIC32 Starter Kit
User GuideMicrochip: Quick Start to Guide to Microchip Development Tools
Application NotesMicrochip: AN1111 - FTP Server using BSD Socket API
Application NotesMicrochip: AN1109 - SNMP Agent using BSD Socket API
Product BriefMicrochip: Product Brief for PIC32 Microcontroller Families


Design Elements


SchematicMicrochip: Schematics for Starter Kit I/O Expansion Board
Appliation libraryMicrochip: Software code for PIC32 ESK PWM/DMA Demo
Appliation libraryMicrochip: Software code for PIC32 CAN to Ethernet Bridge Demo


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Kit Features

DM320001 layout.png

A representation of the layout of the PIC32MXPIC32MX Starter Kit is shown in Figure. The board includes these key features, as indicated in the diagram:


  1. PIC32MX360F512LPIC32MX360F512L 32-bit microcontroller
  2. Green power-indicator LED
  3. Regulated +3.3V power supply for powering the Starter Kit board via USB or expansion board
  4. On-board crystal for precision microcontroller clocking (8 MHz)
  5. USB connectivity for on-board debugger communications
  6. PIC18LF4550PIC18LF4550 USB microcontroller for on-board debugging
  7. Orange Debug indicator LED
  8. Three push-button switches for user-defined inputs
  9. Three user-defined indicator LEDs
  10. Connector for connecting various expansion boards (on the underside of board)











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Kit Contents


The PIC32MXPIC32MX Starter Kit contains the following items:

  • PIC32MXPIC32MX Starter Kit Board
  • USB MINI-B cable
  • PIC32 Starter Kit Installation CD-ROM, containing: 
    • User’s Guide
    • Data Sheet for the PIC32MXPIC32MX family
    • PIC32MXPIC32MX Family Reference Manual
    • PIC32MXPIC32MX Peripheral Library Manual
    • Schematics and PCB drawing files
    • Code examples for use with the PIC32MXPIC32MX devices


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