PIC18F66K80 Plug-In Module

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Short Description: The PIC18F66K80 Plug-in Module (PIM) is an accessory to the PICDEM™ PIC18 Explorer Board that allows users to easily experiment with the PIC18F66K80 family of microcontrollers. PIC18F66K80 is the superset member of the family and this PIM can be used ...
MA180032 PIC18F66K80 Plug-In Module
MA180032 PIC18F66K80 Plug-In Module
  • This Plug-in Module can be used to evaluate the PIC18F66K80 & PIC18F65K80 MCUs
  • This Plug-in Module includes a 64-pin PIC18F66K80 MCU sample
  • The Plug-in Module plugs into PIC18 Explorer Board (DM183032)