PIC18F66K80 Plug-In Module

Part Number: MA180032
Manufacturer: MICROCHIP
Product Title: MICROCHIP - MA180032 - PIM, FOR PIC18F66K80

Short Description: The PIC18F66K80 Plug-in Module (PIM) is an accessory to the PICDEM™ PIC18 Explorer Board that allows users to easily experiment with the PIC18F66K80 family of microcontrollers. PIC18F66K80 is the superset member of the family and this PIM can be used ...
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MA180032 PIC18F66K80 Plug-In Module
MA180032 PIC18F66K80 Plug-In Module
  • This Plug-in Module can be used to evaluate the PIC18F66K80 & PIC18F65K80 MCUs
  • This Plug-in Module includes a 64-pin PIC18F66K80 MCU sample
  • The Plug-in Module plugs into PIC18 Explorer Board (DM183032)