Digital Power Supply Bundle

Part Number: AC164133-DM300027
Manufacturer: MICROCHIP

Short Description: The element14 presents Microchip Digital Power Supply Bundle which provides an easy and economical development platform for Microchip Digital Power Conversion ‘GS’ family Digital Signal Controllers designed to provide low-cost and efficient control f ...
  • DM300027: 16-bit, 28-pin Starter Development Board
    • Prototyping tool for all 28-pin, SDIP PIC24, dsPIC30F and dsPIC33F devices
    • Includes a 28-pin PIC24FJ64GA002 and dsPIC33FJ12GP202
    • On-board regulators for 3.3V or 5V operation
    • Power input from 9V power supply or USB power source
    • Single UART communication channel via USB bridge
    • Connectors for MPLAB® ICD 3 In-circuit Debugger/Programmer and PICkit® 3
    • Header for access to all device I/O pins
    • Circuit prototyping area including pads for SOIC and SOT-23 devices
  • AC164133: Buck/Boost Converter PICtail™ Plus Daughter Board
    • Operates at input voltage range +9V to +15V DC
    • Two synchronous buck converter power stages
    • One boost converter power stage
    • Full Load operation on 3.3V, 5V Buck outputs & 20V Boost output when loaded
    • individually and or simultaneously.
    • Output Voltage:
    • 5V output1 @ 3A
    • 3.3V output2 @ 3A
    • 20V output3 @ 0.75A
    • PMBus communication interface Connector
    • 5Ω/5W Switchable Resistive Load - Expandable
    • Supported by Mindi Power Design and Simulator Tool
    • Parallel operation of two buck converters
    • Various fault indication & Protection
    • Excellent Dynamic load performance & Output sequencing
    • Can be connected to 16-bit 28 - pin Starter Development Board
  • dsPIC33FJ16GS502-I/SP: 16-bit Digital Signal Controller