Canadian electronics law: Nova Scotia overview

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Type of law / referenceIn effect?SubjectProducts covered / Requirements
FEDERAL CEPAYesRestriction of hazardous substancesRegulates and restricts the manufacture, import and sale of toxic substances (see Schedule 1 of CEPA - high priority substances)
FEDERAL Health CanadaYesHazardous SubstancesX medical device manufacturers must identify BPA and DEHP in any new Class II, III and IV medical devices
FEDERAL Energy Efficiency ActYesMinimum standardsEstablishes labeling and minimum energy efficiency standards (MEPS) for appliances, lights, HVAC, water heaters, electronics, other energy using products
FEDERAL Incandescent lightbulbsYesLightbulbsRequires energy efficiency labeling of incandescent bulb packages and energy efficiency standards for 60-100W bulbs (January 2013) and 60-40W bulbs (January 2014)
NS Elec StewardshipYesTVs/computers/monitors/printers

Label or notification required: -

Tax or Fee Required: Yes

Government Take-Back Plan: -

Manufacturer Take-Back Required: Yes

Landfill Disposal Ban: Yes

FEDERAL Green House Gas (GHG) reporting ruleYesGreenHouse Gases

Requires all facilities that emit at least 50,000 tonnes of Greenhouse gases to report their emissions to Environment Canada.

AB GHGRPYesGreenHouse Gases

Two key differences from federal program: AB reporters must include emissions from burning biomass and carbon offset credits allowed.



Government agency:

Nova Scotia Province Legislature







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