Capacitive Touch Development Kit

Part Number: ATQT600
Manufacturer: ATMEL

Price: $209.64 from Newark. 2 in stock

Short Description: The Atmel's ATQT600 is a complete touch development kit for buttons, sliders, and wheels. It allows designers to experiment with Atmel touch technology and serves as the easiest way to analyse and validate touch products. Both Atmel QTouch® and QMatr ...
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The Atmel ATQT600 evaluation kit shows three sets of boards (sensor board and corresponding microcontroller board):

  • QTouch8 with the ATtiny88
  • QTouch16 with either the ATxmega128A1 or the ATmega324
  • QMatrix 8x8 with either the ATXMEGA128A1 or the ATmega324

Features of Atmel QTouch Library: The combination of libraries for both QTouch and QMatrix touch sensing acquisition methods:


  • Capacitive touch sensing using patented charge-transfer signal acquisition for robust sensing.
  • Support for a wide range of 8- and 32-bit AVRs.
  • Support for 32-bit ARM microcontrollers
  • Support both QTouch and QMatrix acquisition methods and autonomous touch for UC3L.
  • Support up to 64 touch sense channels for generic libraries and up to 136 channels for UC3L libraries.
  • Flexible choice of touch sensing functionality (keys, sliders, wheels) in a variety of combinations.
  • Includes Adjacent Key Suppression® (AKS®) technology for the unambiguous detection of key events.
  • Support for both IAR and GCC compiler tool chains.