QorIQ P1022/P1013 Development System

Part Number: P1022DS-PB
Product Title: FREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR - P1022DS-PB - Silicon Manufacturer:Freescale

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Short Description: The Freescale P1022DS-PB QorIQ Development System is ideal for hardware and software development for embedded applications. It leverages the highly integrated QorIQ P1022 processor, a Freescale Energy-Efficient product solution, and leading-edge exte ...
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  • 64-bit dual-rank DDR3 DIMM with 8-bit ECC support
  • 128 MB NOR flash memory
  • 1 GB 2K-block NAND flash memory
  • 16 MB SPI ROM
  • 256B NVRAM
  • PCI Express: Three PCI Express interfaces
  • SATA: Two independent SATA 2.0 controllers
  • Ethernet : Two 10/100/1000Mbps PHYs using RGMII interfaces
  • IEEE® 1588 Clock input from precision oscillator
  • Dual I2C
  • Dual (internal and external) SDHC slot
  • USB: Two USB interfaces
  • UARTs: Two DB9 connectors
  • SATA2
  • TDM: Dual SLIC interfaces
  • GPIO: 16
  • Two 10/100/1000 Ethernet connectors
  • System logic (Pixis FPGA)
  • Manages system reset sequencing
  • Manages system bus clock speed selections
  • Implements registers for system control and monitoring
  • System and DDR clock
  • Can be independently set to one of eight common settings in the interval 66 MHz– 166 MHz Power supplies
  • PMBus controlled supplies for VDD, SVDD/XVDD, OVDD and GVDD
  • Video Internal LVDS-encoder attached 800 x 600 8" LCD panel or DVI
  • Audio Stereo 24-bit I2S audio with headphone output and microphone input