Evaluation Kit for BlackFin BF526

Part Number: ADZS-BF526-EZLITE

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Short Description: The ADSP-BF526 EZ-KIT Lite® provides developers with a cost-effective method for initial evaluation of the ADSP-BF526 Blackfin® Processors via a USB-based, PC-hosted tool set. With this EZ-KIT Lite, users can learn more about the Analog Devices (ADI) ...

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  • Analog Devices ADSP-BF526 Blackfin processor
    • Core performance up to 400 MHz
    • External bus performance up to 80 MHz
    • 208-pin BGA package
    • 25 MHz crystal
  • Programmable VDDINT core power
    • Analog Devices AD5258 TWI digital potentiometer
    • Analog Devices ADP1715 low dropout linear regulator
  • Battery-powered operation
    • 950 mAh lithium ion battery
    • Analog Devices ADP2291 battery charge circuit
    • Benchmarq BQ27500 fuel gauge for battery monitoring
  • Mobile synchronous dynamic random access memory (SDRAM)
    • Micron MT48H32M16 – 64 MB (8M x 16-bits x 4 banks)
  • Parallel flash memory
    • Numonyx M58WR032KB – 32 Mb (2M x 16-bits)
  • NAND flash memory
    • Numonyx NAND02 – 2 Gb
  • SPI flash memory
    • SST SST25WF040 – 4 Mb
  • Analog audio interface
    • ADI SSM2603 low-power audio codec
    • One stereo LINE OUT jack
    • One headphone LINE IN
    • One input MIC jack
    • One input stereo LINE IN jack
  • Ethernet interface
    • SMSC LAN8700 PHY device
    • 10-BaseT and 100-BaseTX Ethernet controller
    • Auto-MDIX
  • Thumbwheel
    • Panasonic EVQ-WKA001 rotary encoder
  • Universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter (UART)
    • ADM1385 RS-232 line driver/receiver
    • DB9 female connector
  • LEDs
    • Nine LEDs: one board reset (red), three general-purpose(amber), one PHY link (amber), one PHY activity (green),one battery charging (amber), one battery low (amber), and one battery good (green)
  • Push buttons
    • Five push buttons: one reset, two programmable flags with debounce logic, wake and sleep with debounce logic
  • Expansion interface II™:
    • Next generation of the expansion interface design, provides access to most of the ADSP-BF526 processor signals
  • Land grid array
    • Easy probing of all port pins and most EBIU signals
  • Other features
    • JTAG ICE 14-pin header
    • USB on-the-go (OTG) connector
    • Host interface connector
    • Blackfin and SDRAM power measurement jumpers