Evaluation module for MSC8156 LC

Part Number: MSC8156EVM
Product Title: FREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR - MSC8156EVM - Silicon Manufacturer:Freescale

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Short Description: The MSC8156 evaluation module (MSC8156EVM) is a cost-effective tool intended for engineers evaluating the MSC815x and MSC825x family of Freescale digital signal processors (DSPs). The MSC815x and MSC825x family of DSPs are highly integrated DSP proce ...
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  • PCI express short form factor
  • Supports the MSC815x and MSC825x DSPs at 1 GHz
  • A single DDR controller (DDRC2) configured in DDR3 mode: 204-pin SODIMM, 64-bit @ 800 Mbps, no ECC, 1 GB of memory
  • The DSP RGMII (at ports GE1 and GE2) connects to a Marvell 88E1121 dual GETH PHY for regular board configuration
  • Two available debug interfaces, including on-board USB TAP controller (eUTAP) or on-chip emulation 14-pin header for any external TAP controller
  • 100 MHz clock oscillator for the DSP clock in
  • Can function in two main supply configurations (configurable via switch S1) Stand-alone mode with external 12V DC PCI Express mode powered from edge connector
  • Push buttons: main power-on-reset (SW8), hard reset (SW7), IRQ0 (SW5), NMI (SW6)
  • X4 PCIe/SRIO/SGMII on PCI edge connector