MPLAB Starter Kit for dsPIC DSCs

Part Number: DM330011
Manufacturer: MICROCHIP

Short Description: The Microchip's DM330011 MPLAB Starter Kit for dsPIC Digital Signal Controllers is a complete hardware and software tool suite for exploring applications based upon Microchip’s dsPIC DSCs. With a built-in debugger on the board, simply install the sof ...
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  • Board includes integrated debugger / programmer
  • USB powered
  • dsPIC33FJ256GP506 DSC with 256 KB Flash and 16 KB RAM
    • CPU Speed 40 MIPS
    • Two 40-bit accumulators
    • 8-channel hardware Direct Memory Access (DMA)
    • Interrupt Controller
    • Digital I/O
    • Communication Modules: 3-wire SPI, I2C, UART, Data Converter Interface (DCI) module, Enhanced CAN
    • Enhanced CAN (ECAN™ module) 2.0B active (up to 2 modules)
    • Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) Up to two ADC modules in a device
    • Low-power, high-speed Flash technology
    • Fully static design
    • 3.3V (±10%) operating voltage
    • Industrial temperature
    • Low-power consumption
  • 16/24/32 bit codec with a maximum sampling frequency of 48KHz
  • Low cost audio capture and play back circuitry using the 12 bit ADC and PWM Audio
  • Microphone and line level inputs with adjustable input gain
  • 100mW headphone amplifier with digital volume control
  • 2 switches and 3 LEDs for user application purposes
  • 4 Megabit serial flash memory for application use
  • Temperature sensor
  • CD contains MPLAB IDE with full editor, programmer and debugger; MPLAB C Compiler; code examples and user’s guide
  • All tools provided for developing and prototyping speech and audio application & algorithms