LPC4330 Xplorer Board

Part Number: OM13027,598
Manufacturer: NXP
Product Title: NXP - OM13027,598 - EVALUATION, CORTEX M4, LPC4300, XPLORER

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Short Description: The LPC4330-Xplorer is a breakout board for LPC4330 Cortex-M4 based microcontroller. The LPC4330 microcontroller has flash and flashless parts. For flashless microcontroller has 200KB SRAM, two 32KB SRAM blocks with separate bus. 64KB ROM containing ...
OM13027,598 LPC4330 Xplorer Board
OM13027,598 LPC4330 Xplorer Board diagram
OM13027,598 LPC4330 Xplorer Board
  • Controller: LPC4330, 100 pin BGA
  • PCB: 4-layer (86mm x 40mm, RoHS Compliant)
  • Two LEDs
  • One user switch and one reset switch
  • Boot select switch
  • 32Mb Quad SPI flash
  • On board crystals for controller, RTC and audio codec
  • On board Ethernet PHY, 50 MHz Oscillator and RJ45 connector with magnetics
  • On board audio codec and audio jacks
  • On board USB host power switch
  • On board Micro SD card slot
  • Two USB ports, one HS (High speed) port and one FS (Full Speed) port
  • 10-pin cortex debug header
  • Unused I/Os brought to a header