LPC4330 Xplorer Board

Part Number: OM13027,598
Manufacturer: NXP
Product Title: NXP - OM13027,598 - EVALUATION, CORTEX M4, LPC4300, XPLORER

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Short Description: The LPC4330-Xplorer is a breakout board for LPC4330 Cortex-M4 based microcontroller. The LPC4330 microcontroller has flash and flashless parts. For flashless microcontroller has 200KB SRAM, two 32KB SRAM blocks with separate bus. 64KB ROM containing ...
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OM13027,598 LPC4330 Xplorer Board
OM13027,598 LPC4330 Xplorer Board diagram
OM13027,598 LPC4330 Xplorer Board
  • Controller: LPC4330, 100 pin BGA
  • PCB: 4-layer (86mm x 40mm, RoHS Compliant)
  • Two LEDs
  • One user switch and one reset switch
  • Boot select switch
  • 32Mb Quad SPI flash
  • On board crystals for controller, RTC and audio codec
  • On board Ethernet PHY, 50 MHz Oscillator and RJ45 connector with magnetics
  • On board audio codec and audio jacks
  • On board USB host power switch
  • On board Micro SD card slot
  • Two USB ports, one HS (High speed) port and one FS (Full Speed) port
  • 10-pin cortex debug header
  • Unused I/Os brought to a header