Architectural and Entertainment Lighting Systems Based on DMX512 with Remote Device Management

Part Number: OM13043,598
Manufacturer: NXP

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Short Description: NXP OM13043,598 DMX512/RDM kit includes a master board and slave board and helps designers create DMX512-based systems for both communication and power stages.
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  • Reduced system complexity with high performance MCUs
  • High efficiency power conversion
  • Cost optimized
  • Controller side:
    • LPC1100XL microcontroller (up to 50 MHz - 45 DMIPS) offers performance needed to integrate DMX message coding/decoding and PWM generation in a single chip
    • Industry-leading low active power consumption of 110 uA/MHz for bus-powered devices
    • Storage of scene settings in non-volatile memory using EEPROM emulation in flash, or integrated EEPROM in LPC11E00 series
    • Up to four 16-bit and 32-bit timers, generating up to 11 PWM signals to control and dim the ballast
    • Reduced development complexity - software can be written in C
    • Reduced bill of materials – significant cost savings through Cortex-M0 architecture, plus many built-in peripherals to interface with lighting drivers and network in LPC1100XL
  • Power stage:
    • LED dimming using the PWM input of the NXP UBA3070T/N1,118 DC-to-DC LED driver with up to 98% efficiency
    • SSL4101 provides mains isolation for both the RGB LED power stage and the DMX wires
    • Low component count and high efficiency through integrated PFC and flyback control functionality
    • GreenChip TEA1721 buck converter supplies LPC1100XL with high efficiency; no-load power consumption levels
  • Implementation example (DMX512 slave unit):
    • RDM-enabled DMX512 slave or receiver built around the NXP LPC111x Cortex-M0 microcontroller
    • Features four DMX controllable LEDs, a red heartbeat LED, a green traffic LED, DIP switches for selecting the DMX start address, a 5-position joystick, and an optional LCD
    • The UART and the 16-bit timer/counters of the LPC111x MCU are the main hardware blocks needed
    • The I2C hardware block is used to interface with the (optional) LCD functionality
    • References to DMX512 refer to DMX512-A, since both hardware and software are designed using the latest standard
  • Implementation example (DMX512 master unit):
    • DMX512 controller and monitoring device, built around the NXP LPC11U1x microcontroller, enabling Remote Device Management (RDM)
    • Features a USB interface, a red heartbeat LED, and a green traffic LED
    • The USB and UART of the LPC11U1x MCU are the main hardware blocks needed