Texas Instruments: BOOSTXL-HAPTOUCH Haptics Enabled Gaming Controller BoosterPack

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The HapTouch BoosterPackHapTouch BoosterPack (BOOSTXL-HAPTOUCH) integrates capacitive touch functionality with haptics technology in a single TI BoosterPack.  Designers and Hobbyists alike now have the ability to develop applications using two of the hottest technologies available on the market today.


The HapTouch BoosterPackHapTouch BoosterPack includes allows users to evaluate and begin designing with the included Immersion Technologies software and onboard ERM and LRA motor/ actuators on the board. This BoosterPack features MSP430TCH5E haptics controller and DRV2603DRV2603 haptic driver.


Demo and configuration software is also included to configure over 100 haptic effects as well as help users try out the BoosterPack on their own PC.



Things you can do using HapTouch Booster Pack:

  • Experience tactile feedback with haptic (vibrational) technology.
  • Play PC games with Capacitive Touch and gaming controller
  • 122 haptic effects featuring industry leading haptic technology from Immersion – Royalty free
  • Effect sequencing for cool machine gun, heart beat and dice sequences
  • Feel the music with Audio2HapticsTM technology
  • Evaluate with a motor-based (ERM) or spring-based (LRA) actuator
  • Full programmability with JTAG emulation and software development kit



Key Applications: Gaming


Technical Documents

Learning Center
User ManualTI: User Manual for HapTouch Booster Pack
Quick Start GuideTI: Quick Start Guide for HapTouch Booster Pack
DatasheetTI: Datasheet for MSP430TCH5E MCU
Design Elements
SoftwareHapTouch SDK with Source Code and Libraries


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Kit Features

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  • Gaming controller development kit allowing users to develop as well as play PC games with full tactile feedback using Immersion’s Touchsense™ technology and capacitive touch buttons.
  • Software and integrated actuators included.
  • Programmable gaming controller key presses with 122 different haptic effects (and haptics chain effects) using Windows Touch2Key software.
  • Supports motor based vibrations (Eccentric Rotating Mass – ERM) and spring based vibrations (Linear Resonant Actuator – LRA).
  • Use Immersion’s Audio2Haptics™ technology to create vibrations in sync with audio input.
  • Haptics reference design schematics and software available for download for custom hardware development.
  • For use with the MSP-EXP430G2MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad


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Kit Contents

  • Hap-Touch BoosterPackHap-Touch BoosterPack board
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