Last week I discussed the issues with the ever growing lead times for passive components. For the month of September the average combined lead times for resistors, capacitors and inductors, grew by 2.16%.


But like my last blog, this is not the full story – there are some interesting changes within these results. For example the lead times for wirewound and thick film chip resistors actually fell. This was the third month in a row for Thick film in which the lead time had fallen. This is now down to 16.3 weeks for this technology


Tantalum and Film capacitors still continue to be the problem products - even though tantalums had a 0% change, this still equates to 34.6 weeks. Film caps lead times grew by another 3.8% to make the lead time 23 weeks.

At Farnell X and Y safety caps in film are getting to be in short supply. This week I have had to offer a replacement of ceramic to the customer’s original choice of film.


I saw a report that said that the lead time issue with IC’s was improving. That may be the case but all circuits, however complicated still need passive components. It is a bit like having an Aston Martin Vantage with no wheels. It is going no where fast.