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  • 345. Re: Have a question about Arduino? Ask me!

    Also in tutorial #2 you only use 1switch and one output. What if i want to use all of them? Do i write the code for each input output sepertly  or do i write all the int pins first then debounce all of them ....? And when you int "ledpin" can i name them anything?

    Thank you very much for any and all the help you can give me.

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    Hey there..

    This is my first time using arduino. i like electronics but never had a chance to actually build something out of them. i heard about the arduino and said ima have to try to build one so i can connect it to an r/c car then to my iphone. so i built one and i think its good but im having difficulties on where to install the usb socket at lol.i cant attach a pic. of it idk why, but send me your email and ill send it to you. hopefully you can tell me what you think of it and where to install the socket.

    thank you in advance...

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    Hello all.

    I am new to the whole Arduino thing.

    I am monitoring voltage accross a transistor.

    I have it showing the voltage on an LCD (#include <LiquidCrystal_I2C.h>).

    Example http://www.duratrax.com/chargers/dtxp4170-insetb-2.jpg

    I want to plot a line that shows the voltage so if it drops the line can reflect it.

    Do you have an ideal how to do this.

    Thanks for your time I know you are busy.

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    I have a Duemilanove Compataible 168. I have installed the software. When I plug the unit in it lights up. It does not show up in the device manager. When I try to upload the blink routine I get a "can't find COM3" message. The device manager shows no ports. Only something called a "human interface device" and various USB items. I am using a DELL E521 and Windows XP. In the program the boards show up but not the serial connection. I also can't find a driver file in the download. Any suggestions to get the thing to work? 

  • 349. Re: Have a question about Arduino? Ask me!

    Arduino USB Driver Install Locations


    USB drivers for more recent arduino boards are located in arduino\drivers

    Drivers for older boards are located in arduino\drivers\FTDI USB Drivers

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    Hi Jeremy,
    Great tutorials,
    Just had a little question. If my sensors and actuators are 3-4 meters away from the arduino what should i do? Should i use the normal jumper wire to give and recieve the 5V signals or should i use amplifying or different kind of wires?

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    You should size your wires according to how much current is being drawn. 20 awg should be fine for sensors (might want to use twisted pair for the signal lines), but you will need to know the current draw of the actuators to determine the wire you need.


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    Hello Jeremy,


    I have been following your presentations or tutorial and I approved that you are the exactly fellow who can advice or assists me with my project. The project is for a wireless burglar alarm system, and the configuration of all pins especially the keypad (4x4) and the LCD (16 2) is well done. Furthermore the circuit for controlling the signal from RF module 434MHz has already been established, the control unit includes audio amplifier connected and schmitt trigger chip. Honestly the whole circuitry has been extracted from PCB which was using the PIC16C57, so instead of redesigning, all I need to change is usage of Arduino instead of PIC. So the pins are already established and what needed is to write a program code which activates the system, and detects 4 zones using PIR & Magnetic Detector Transmitter and zones indicated by LED's. Please may you assists with your expertise in Arduino! For further info regarding this please do not hesitate to contact me.

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    Hi Jeremy,

    I am brand new to Arduino.

    I am undertaking a project to weigh (small) items and sort them accordingly.

    I believe I should be able to use Arduino to read an object's weight from electronic scales, open/close gates to sort the object, then confirm the objects arrival at the correct hopper before resetting the gates and weighing the next item.

    But I have no idea which Arduino components I would need to achieve this.

    Can you please steer me in the right direction?




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    Hi Jeremy!!  I am Brazilian, I am an engineer mechatronic! Are you not Brazil in your list of countries ?? Well, i have a question for you:I drew up a GUI in C # as the video in portuguese  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPUbUvmtpj0 . Thus the serial communication I had to make use of a resource to be able to control various elements of an individual, including my interface works perfectly well with the ZIGBEE however, in reading data from the potentiometer, from time to time it deletes the reading and resets the value very quickly, why is this happening?

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    My two 9 year old boys have the Arduino Mega 2560, an LCD screen, some LEDs, a speaker etc. that they've been doing some great things with.  They also have the Arduino Motor Shield but have not been able to even get a DC motor going yet?  Any hints? Resources? Sketches?  Your motor tutorial is great but it doesn't utilize the shield (my boys enjoy watching your tutorials by the way).

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    Hello Jeremy.

    Can you help me a little with my project?









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    i have an arduino mega 2560 and i just got the arduino coding software so i try an exmple code but i couldnt upload it to my arduino the error message was somthing onlong the lines of serial port "com1"not found did you select the right one from tools>serial port menu? but for some reason in the tools menu the serial port button is faded out and i can acess it for some reason does any one know why and/or how to sort this problem? many thanks to anyone who can help.

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    Hi there the ardunio with the code for bear minamum for video and sound and some input like keyboard and mouse and ethernet shield (well not truly bear minamum ) and a miro sd card  for Coreboot linux work ????

  • 359. Re: Have a question about Arduino? Ask me!

    this is a pic of my arduino and im still not sure of where to put the usb socket at...arduino 003.JPG

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