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    Not trying to be greedy but trying to justify the 20.00 fee so I asked this question? Also some insight on they are not taking bulk orders yet? FYI

    Sylven: hello how can i help

    Eric : Just wondering if I can order multiple Raspberry pi now?

    Sylven: Hi Eric...you can try but it has caused our servers to go down

    Sylven: once back up you can pre-order

    Sylven: using part# 83T1943

    Eric : or is there still a limit on pre orders?

    Sylven: I believe there is

    Sylven: 1 qty

    Eric : so if I put multiple in my cart it still will only give me one?

    Sylven: from what I'm hearing it will let you proceed but at the end it will give you error and say you can only get 1

    Eric : ok I will wait until the 20 handling fee comes down a bit

    Eric : or buy a few at a time

    Sylven: it probably won't because we buy from the UK

    Eric : thanks



    Still contemplating ordering though. Eric

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    I was able to place an order through the phone.  1-888-827-2203 was the number.  ~$58 with the tax and shipping/export costs.  Est delivery ~April 25.

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    Same. I ordered from http://export.farnell.com/ instead of http://newark.com/. It was 26.55 pounds (about $42) and shipping is TBA (through UPS).


    I wonder if export.farnell.com will turn out to be either faster or cheaper than newark.com. Anyone have any insights?

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    Drew Fustini

    Hi - I know the $20 is a bit shocking given that the item is only $35.  Unfortunately, Newark element14 isn't stocking in the US warehouse currently.  This means the only option is to have it direct shipped from the Farnell warehouse in the UK.  This option is available for almost all Farnell items on Newark.com which can be helpful in some situations.


    I did place an order, too.  I'd prefer to pay just $35 plus nominal shipping, but I still consider it a bargain for the specs.  I think because Raspberry Pi is UK-based, unfortunately, folks in North America will have to pay extra for shipping until it is eventually stocked in our region.




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    Question - How many of the 10,000 initial production run is Farnell/Newark allocated to get and is Farnell/Newark coordinated to stop taking $55 orders once their allocation is hit or are they just taking the money from all comers with no regard to first run availability?  And if I pay the $20 extra (which I have) is the drop ship going to be direct from China or the UK after THEY recieve boards from China?


    Also, how much interest are you seeing there in the Newark Sales office over all of this? :-)

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    Let me qualify - you would have to specify bring it through the US at the time of your order.  You can not change this after the fact. Please don't think you can place on line, then call 800-463-9275 and successfully change it from UK drop ship to Gaffney, SC.  UK orders are non-cancelable, non-returnable!

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    It's very exciting!  All around me I hear "Rapberry Pi".  You know I bought one.  :-)  I can tell you, it's been a real experience and I'm glad to be a part of it.

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    Farnell Export have told me delivery is week commencing 16 April.

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    Hey. I called the number and he said I could order the same way (through SC) through a link that he was going to email me. But i have not recieved the email yet. Do you have the link?

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    SO I took the plunge and bought it.... 55$

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    I just pre-ordered mine through Newark about a half hour ago. Thanks for the link!


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    I guess I figured it out. Go to the normal site (like the link listed above) and when checking out hit "Ship Order Complete" on the "Backorder Preferences". That should negate the $20 fee.

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    I just pre-ordered mine from this website as well.




    Actually I order 2 of them and the order did not stop me from placing the order. In addition, the email of the sent to me has NO Shipping cost or Handling cost or Taxes. It did mention the ship date as 30-March-2012. So I am not sure what other users are complaining about $20 S/H fee. Need to wait and see what they will charge me.

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    Drew Fustini

    UPDATE: good news the $20 direct ship charge will be refunded: http://www.element14.com/community/docs/DOC-43273

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    I missed out by just a few - though would have been OK with the $20 shipping.  Just glad that this isn't happening so now I will order an extra for my projects!