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Have a question for Gennum?  Ask Alan, the expert!

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Alan Hutton

Alan is a Global Distribution Sales and Marketing expert at Gennum.  He can help you with your questions about any Gennum product.

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    dodgerdave Level 1

    Hey, Allan.


    I'd like to sell more National Semi SDI products but my customers keep telling me about Gennum's instead.  Why?

    Didn't you get your prestigious product background from years of work at Natinal under Ray Sinclair?  I know Avnet thinks highly of you.


    All the best.

    Dave Anderson

    Nat'l Semi

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    ahutton e14 Expert

    Hi Dave,


    One key feature that draws customers to Gennum products, certainly within the professional video broadcast market, is the fact that our products are all 100% production tested. This test ensures that customers get products that meet or exceed our datasheet maximum specifications 100% of the time rather than relying on product characterization data alone. This can be a key decision making criteria when designing cable drivers, reclockers, equalizers and SerDes parts into SD/HD/3G-SDI end equipment that cannot afford to fail in the field.