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Local Network Connection Problems

Dave Young


I just got my Raspberry Pi (first time using linux) and I'm starting with trying to access an html page.  I've created a file called "dogdoor.html" in my /var/www folder that just says:

"<HTML><BODY>The door is closed</BODY></HTML>"

I can see it perfectly when accessing it from http://localhost/doogdoor.html

I used ifconfig to check the IP address of, however when I try to access I get a connection error message.  I also cannot see the index page when just pointing to

When I ping everything comes back just fine.


Am I missing something here?  I've spent hours looking around on posts and trying things without any success.



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    Dave Young

    Well, on a whim I decided to give it one more try and check the basics.  When I ran ifconfig again, I noticed that a new IP address had shown up:!  Either I totally missed it the first time, or something changed since I first checked it.  In any case, one can't argue with results!

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    obcd and localhost are special cases.

    They are used to test network connectivity locally from the same machine.

    If your Pi uses dhcp to obtain a network adress, it's very well possible it will get another one after a reboot.

    Most routers have an option to provide an ip adress based upon the MAC adress of the adapter requesting the adress. This fixes previous problems.

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    Dave Young

    Thanks!  It's nice to learn of an explanation.  While one can't argue with results, it still amkes a fella wonder...