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how to access...




I have just got my raspberry pi and was wondering how would i be able to access the things that i apt get

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    depends what it is that you are downloading.  Some things are part of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and can only be accessed by logging into a graphical session using: 'startx' command.


    Others are accesses by simply typeing in the name of the program.  For Example:


    omxplayer -o hdmi file.mp4

    will load up 'file.mp4' and play the file.  other examples include:

    minicom /dev/ttyAMA0

    ...Which will load a serial command prompt session on device '/dev/ttyAMA0'.


    Most of the time you can just google how to use the program you have just installed.  Otherwise try typing the program name and -?:

    program -?

    ...for help.


    Hope this is what you meant and hope this works for you.

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    I am trying to access perl but I cannot find how to find it so if you could tell me what the code is

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    I thought Perl was just a language not a program?

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    assuming the install went ok, it should be in /usr/bin/


    you can type


    which perl


    which should give you the path if it finds it



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    perl is a language, but the interpreter is a program, not unlike python.


    Normally in a perl script (or sh, or csh, etc for that matter) you can put

    #!/usr/bin/perl (or #!/bin/sh , or whatever, at least on *nix systems)

    and once you change the execute bits using chmod, you can run the program just by typing the name, just like an exe, the executing shell will call the perl interpreter


    this achieves the same thing as typing


    perl myFile.pl


    but saves you from typing the first 5 characters


    the same thing works on python as well, but you need to know the path to the intepreter.



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    one other thing, if you knew the path to the perl interpreter, and expected to run your script in the local directory and it gives you a file not found error, it may be that the current path (.)

    is not in your path, you may have to type


    ./myFile.pl to get it to run.



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    Perl should have been already installed by default, at least in Raspbian.


    One other thing to note is that if you put a bin directory in your home directory (~/bin), the next time you login, that will automatically be in your $PATH, at least in the console (~/.profile does that).  Then as long as you are in the text console, have the proper shebang line as the first line of the Perl script (#!/usr/bin/perl as mentioned by Michael), and the script has execute permission, you can simply type the name of the script to run it.


    However, for some reason when you startx, it seems to use a default $PATH instead of the one .profile sets during login, so your personal bin may be missing from your $PATH in lxterminal.

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    the /usr/bin/perl does not work and i cannot get the execution to work

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    Alright, you have to give us more info


    if you type


    which perl


    what do you get?