So, having over come my previous issues I finally got the SABRE Lite fired up (see my previous blog).


Here's my kit list:

  • SABRE LiteSABRE Lite
  • Pi ViewPi View
  • USB to Type M (Like this but I found one in my junk drawer from an old desk gadget)
  • VGA CableVGA Cable
  • Plus mini SD Card, mouse, keyboard, laptop and monitor


First things first plugging in all the wires.

2013-01-29 13.47.16.jpg


Luckily the SD card already had installed a demo from Embedded World showcasing the very best of the processing power you get when using the SABRE Lite. The demo in the picture below is of the board running a HD quality video, the clarity of the video was extremely clear even through the VGA, I imagine a full HD would be immense.


2013-01-29 13.47.02.jpg


Next up I'm going to try and get android running. I'll keep you posted on how I get on.