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Acquire data from scope via RS-232?




I am using Agilent 54622D oscilloscope and i need to save the waveform data from the scope to my computer.

Therefore i am using a RS-232RS-232 - USB transformer to connect it with my laptop. I have tried Intuilink and using MS Excel toolbar i could get 2,000 samples, but not every time.

The problem was in that cases when i got samples which had amplitude more than 2-3 mVolts. In that cases i got this error: "An error occurred, while rettrieving data from scope".

Then i started using Agilent IO Libraries Suite with Agilent Connection Expert and Agilent Interactive IO. I could program that scope via RS-232RS-232, and also i got correct answers for the queries, like ":IDN?". But when i tried to get some data with ":WAV:DAT?" I only got answers with many question marks. I looked on it and i saw that the scope is using IEEE-488 protocols which is sending data in GPIB.

So my question is how can i get waveform data samples via RS232? Or it is only possible if i am using GPIB?
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