Avnet’s Distributing Wisdom Podcast brings together experts, including Farnell’s Chris Breslin, to discuss the importance of High Service Distribution

The eighth episode of Avnet’s Distributing Wisdom podcast is now available: The importance of high service distribution and how digital is changing the market.


The president of Farnell, Chris Breslin, joins a Farnell customer and supplier partner for a discussion on how to serve the unique needs of the high service distribution market. This knowledgeable group discusses the tenets of good communication, the value of delivering easy-to-consume content and the many ways that digital is changing the market. Guests on this episode include Annette Tyler, Corporate Director of Distribution at Amphenol; Tracey Dawson, Managing Director at Daletech; and Chris Breslin, President at Farnell.

Hosting business leaders and suppliers, Avnet’s inaugural season of Distributing Wisdom podcast analyses technological change, trends, and innovation. The first season of Distributing Wisdom is available online at www.avnet.com/distributing-wisdom-podcast, or wherever podcasts are found.

About Avnet
As a leading global technology distributor and solutions provider, Avnet has served customers’ evolving needs for an entire century. We support customers at each stage of a product’s lifecycle, from idea to design and from prototype to production. Our unique position at the center of the technology value chain enables us to accelerate the design and supply stages of product development so customers can realize revenue faster. Decade after decade, Avnet helps its customers and suppliers around the world realize the transformative possibilities of technology. Learn more about Avnet at www.avnet.com


About us

Farnell is a global technology leader with over 80 years in the high service distribution of technology products and solutions for electronic system design, production, maintenance and repair. Farnell uses this experience to support its broad customer base, from hobbyists to engineers, maintenance engineers and buyers as ‘The Development Distributor’, working with leading brands and start-ups to develop new products for market, and supporting the industry as it seeks to develop the current and next generation of engineers.

Farnell trades as Farnell in Europe, Newark in North America, and element14 throughout Asia Pacific. Farnell's global businesses are supported by a global supply chain of more than 3,500 suppliers and has an extensive inventory profile developed to anticipate and meet the needs of innovative customers everywhere. Farnell also sells direct to consumers through a network of resellers, and its CPC business in the UK.

Farnell is a business unit of Avnet (Nasdaq: AVT). Avnet is a global technology solutions provider with an extensive ecosystem that delivers design, product, marketing and supply chain expertise for customers at every stage of the lifecycle.

For more information, visit the website at http://www.farnell.com/corporate