element14 further expands its inventory of development kits and SBCs to respond to key technology trends in China

Emerging technologies continue to drive growth in the semiconductors, passives and connectors, and SBC markets

Weidi Zhu, Sales Director for Greater China, element14

element14, the Development Distributor, announced that it is seeing continued growth in demand for emerging technologies such as intelligent manufacturing, Internet of things, robotics, artificial intelligence, new energy vehicles, industrial automation, etc, which will continue to become investment priorities of element14 in 2018. element14 will further expand its inventory of development kits and SBCs to meet the growing demand in these key technology areas, so as to speed up the innovative design of complex systems and satisfy the changing needs of electronics engineers in China.

Weidi Zhu, Regional Director of Sales, Greater China, for element14, said, “The fast development of these emerging segments will bring huge opportunities for electronics industry, meanwhile it also enormously changes the demands of electronic design engineers. They are challenged by the greater pressure on time-to-market. Development kits are playing a critical role in pushing the boundaries of product design and driving innovation in modern technology, and have become one of the most essential parts of the electronics design and production process.”

Integrating finished development kits or Single Board Computers directly into the design can significantly reduce development time and costs, and further enable designers to bring products to market at fastest speed. Findings from the research conducted by element14 showed that nearly 80 percent of designs on development kits could achieve mass production in less than one year, and 76 percent of engineers agreed that development kits were a critical component for encouraging innovation in modern design and technology.

The most popular single board computers and developmentkits offered by element14 include:

  • Raspberry Pi and its accessories: 10 million Raspberry Pi computers have been sold since element14 first began producing Raspberry Pi less than 6 years ago, with 1 million in China. element14 now sells over 50,000 Raspberry Pi computers each week to makers, industry and education across the globe. In particular, the new generation Raspberry Pi 3B is faster and more powerful than ever before and comes with built-in Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity. It can support new and exciting application areas ‘out of the box’, such as IoT connectivity, streaming to Bluetooth headphones or speakers, Wi-Fi gateways and home cloud storage.

  • BeagleBoard family: The range includes BeagleBone Black, element14 BeagleBone Black Industrial, BeagleBone Black Wireless and BeagleBone® Blue,suitable for makers and start-ups looking to commercialize their designs. BeagleBone® Blue is based on the popular opensource hardware computer, built specifically for use in the development of robotics and autonomous vehicles. The element14 BeagleBone Black Industrial answers the need for an industrial rated SBC with extended temperature range.

  • Cypress PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Kit. The Kit is purpose-built for the IoT and offers the perfect way for engineers to get started with next-generation IoT Designs using the new PSoC 6 MCU. The PSoC 6 MCU solves the challenge of emerging IoT devices that require high-performance processing and low power consumption without any trade-offs. It bridges this gap that exists between power-hungry application processors and low-performance single-core MCUs, in addition to providing the critical security features demanded by the IoT. The PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Kit enables engineers to quickly get up and running with the PSoC 6 MCU and minimise time-to-market for IoT devices.

In addition to offering a broad range of development kits and SBCs, element14 also offer custom designs and manufacturing services as part of its offerings, drawing upon the skills and experience of 200+ in house design engineers based across Europe, China and the USA. element14 provides turnkey solutions to realize production by providing design, testing, compliance, manufacturing, supply chain management and logistics services. Customizing an existing board enables customers to create a solution tailored to their specific requirements and speed up time to market considerably .element14’s ability to customise single board computers opens up a whole new area of opportunity and is contributing to the growth of a group of customers we refer to as Professional Makers.

“element14 aims to offer the industry’s widest range of development kits and SBCs to design engineers, with over 2,500 products in stock now. With the embedded space seeing rapid expansion, the demands on single board computing functionality is also increasing. In 2018, element14 will actively work with leading semiconductor suppliers around the world to develop new development kits for our customer,” added Weidi.

Chinese customers can access to get more information on the popular development kits and tools.


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