Farnell element14 Introduces Panasonic Bluetooth Low Energy Module for Wireless Connectivity

Farnell element14 is today introducing the Panasonic PAN1740 next-generation Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Module enabling low-energy wireless connectivity.

With demand for this type of connectivity accelerating in recent times, the BLE offers a reduced form factor, significantly lower power consumption and embedded Software Stack.

This Singlemode Bluetooth Smart System-on-Chip module is optimised for low power, small size and low system cost products, making it ideal for smart watches, fitness trackers, smartphone accessories, medical monitors (such as heart rate monitors and glucose meters) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The BLE achieves its low power consumption primarily by keeping its radio turned off for a large proportion of time.  BLE also sets up connections very quickly, which further minimises the radio’s on-time.  BLE can transmit authenticated data in as little as 3ms, versus the 1000ms typical for Bluetooth Classic.

Priced from £11.82, and available with price breaks for higher quantities, the PAN1740 comes in a very small 9.0 x 9.5 x 1.8 mm SMD package with shielded case and chip antenna and reduces the external component count and development effort.  Its industrial temperature ranges from -40°C to 85°C.

The tiny power consumption of just 4.9mA in Tx and Rx mode makes the use of coin cell batteries viable or reduces the needed battery capacity and cost of existing solution by at least 50%. It meets Bluetooth 4.0 standard, while FCC, IC and CE approvals are under preparation.

The module comes with a complete software development platform, including a qualified Bluetooth Smart single-mode stack to be programmed on-chip. Bluetooth Smart profiles for consumer wellness, sport, fitness, security and proximity applications are supplied as standard, while the facilities are present to develop additional customer profiles as needed. 


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