New global agreement sees element14 distribute accurate, low-cost particle sensors from Piera Systems

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element14 has signed a new distribution agreement with Piera Systems to sell the highly accurate Intelligent Particle Sensor (“IPS”) family of particle sensors. These versatile sensors offer exceptional precision at a low cost and are designed for easy integration, making them a viable option for extensive deployment in various environments such as offices, hospitals, schools and more.

The focus on monitoring air quality has grown as the world continues to grapple with the impacts of the pandemic and the urgency of addressing climate change. Indoor air quality has direct and substantial effects on human health, from loss of productivity to causing serious diseases. The smallest particles, less than 1 micron in size, are the most dangerous as they are readily absorbed into the bloodstream. Piera’s IPS sensors are independently certified to detect these sub-micron particles to PM.01 accurately compared to most other sensors that only provide estimates.

They are highly sensitive optoelectronic particulate sensors that use photon counting readout technology. With its compact design and low power consumption, the IPS sensor is able to quickly acquire and read data while also identifying particulates based on size. It comes in three models (Series 3, 5, and 7), each with a different number of output bins. The adjustable sensitivity control allows for superior accuracy and versatility.

“The pandemic has put the focus squarely on indoor air quality and we are excited to partner with Piera to bring accurate air quality data to customers around the world,” said Sarah Priebe, Product Segment Leader, Global Sensors at element14. “Our partnership with Piera will allow us to target and uncover new markets and applications because of the low-cost and high-accuracy of the IPS sensors.”

“This agreement with element14 represents a huge milestone in our journey to deliver more complete air quality solutions and better health outcomes,” said Vin Ratford, CEO of Piera Systems. “We are excited to leverage the global footprint of element14 in bringing this disruptive air quality technology to customers worldwide”.

The Intelligent Particle Sensor from Piera Systems is now available from Farnell, Newark and element14


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