Newark element14 Supports Free Workshops to Help Chicago Middle School Girls Get Excited about Technology

Sponsored by TechGirlz, Events at Area Microsoft Stores Use Tiny Computing Platforms to Explore Tech Creativity

Chicago middle-school girls will have the opportunity to explore their tech creativity and receive their own free mini computer from Newark element14 at two upcoming events hosted by Microsoft. At workshops held in two Chicagoland Microsoft Stores, students will use pocket-size Micro:bit computers to learn how basic code can activate sensors, lights and displays and create fun gadgets based on the Micro:bit platform.

The Micro:bit computers used during the workshops and given to participating middle school girls are donated by Newark element14, an electronics components distributor based in Chicago. The Micro:bit provides an easy-to-learn, hands-on introduction to tech, allowing beginners to quickly move beyond simple coding to explore the more creative opportunities that technology makes possible.

The workshopss are sponsored by TechGirlz, a nonprofit organization dedicated to decreasing the gender gap in technology jobs. The free TechGirlz workshops give girls the chance to explore different kinds of technology and learn about career options in various high tech fields.

“Newark element14 is pleased to work with TechGirlz and Microsoft to help girls get excited about technology and the careers that tech can offer them,” said Dianne Kibbey, Global Head of Community and Social Media at Newark element14, who will also help deliver classes at one of the workshops. “At Newark element14, we are passionate about inspiring our younger generation to consider a career in technology, and provide support to teachers looking to introduce technology projects into the classroom through our STEM academy on the element14 community. I have worked in tech for 25 years and I am personally excited about inspiring more girls to consider technology as a career option and introducing them to the huge opportunities available.”

The TechGirlz workshops will take place from 9am to noon on Oct. 21, 2017 at the Northbridge Microsoft Store at 520 Michigan Ave. in Chicago, and at the Shaumburg Microsoft Store at 5 Woodfield Mall, in Shaumburg. To register for the workshops, visit the TechGirlz website:

The Micro:bit is available for purchase in North America from


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