Newark expands hygienic electrical enclosures inventory

Customers now have access to more extensive inventory to help simplify sanitary processes and prevent contamination

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Newark, an Avnet Company and global distributor of electronic components, products and solutions, today announced it has expanded its inventory of nVent HOFFMAN’s hygienic electrical enclosures. These products are designed for customers in the food and beverage space and those operating in other sanitary environments.

“Our customers in the foodservice space know how vital it is to clean and sanitize their equipment for products to be free of microbiological, chemical, foreign particles, and cross-contamination,” said Cliff Ortmeyer at Newark. “The hygienic design of nVent HOFFMAN enclosures and accessories makes it faster and easier for them to sterilize their environments and protect critical electrical equipment during wash-down cleaning procedures to prevent product contamination.”

Newark now stocks more nVent HOFFMAN products than ever before, offering customers access to a vast portfolio of hygienic enclosures that provide support in multiple areas, from simplifying sanitary wash-down cleaning procedures, to preventing water ingress and the harboring of bacteria, and even climate controls that protect against condensation while maintaining internal electrical components.

Some of the new products now available to Newark customers include:

  • Concept sloped top: For indoor or outdoor applications that require a sloped top and corrosion protection from chemicals and water. Concept enclosures feature streamlined styling with an attractive stroked finish and flush, stainless steel quarter-turn latches for secure closure. Ideally suited to protect equipment in minimal washdown applications, and available in sloped top, single door, window door and disconnect enclosure models.
  • WaterShed disconnect enclosure: Specifically designed for use in sanitary washdown production environments, particularly food and beverage manufacturing. HOFFMAN WaterShed enclosures feature a sloped top, sloped door edges, bullet-style hinges and additional unique features that facilitate washdown runoff. Ideally suited to protect equipment in sanitary washdown applications, and available in wall-mount, free-stand and disconnect enclosure models.
  • HyShed hinge cover enclosure: Engineered specially to withstand high pressure, high temperature sanitary washdown cleaning procedures, particularly in food and beverage applications that have direct and indirect food contact. The HyShed Hinge Cover enclosures feature a 15-degree sloped top to prevent fluids or particulates from pooling and maximize back panel space, an easily replaceable FDA-grade silicone gasket that helps resist bacteria growth and chemical absorption while simplifying maintenance, and a streamlined hygienic design that helps wipe out bacteria harboring catchpoints. Ideally suited to protect equipment in in harsh sanitary washdown applications, and available in screw cover and hinge cover models.

Newark customers can explore the expanded product offerings from nVent HOFFMAN and learn more about the importance of hygienic enclosures at this link:


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