Premier Farnell Adds Adesto’s Complete Lineup of Application-Specific Non-Volatile Memories to its Global Product Portfolio

New franchise gives Premier Farnell's customers access to Adesto’s range


Adesto Technologies (NASDAQ: IOTS), a leading provider of innovative application-specific semiconductors for the IoT era, and Premier Farnell, the Development Distributor, have signed a new distribution agreement. The franchise provides OEM customers with access to Adesto’s complete portfolio of feature-rich, ultra-low power non-volatile memory (NVM) products, with support provided through Premier Farnell’s sales, technical and product management resources.

Adesto’s memories are optimized for IoT applications across industrial, consumer, medical and communications markets. The company’s portfolio of innovative memories includes DataFlash for data-logging applications, Fusion Flash for battery-operated devices, EcoXiP for enhanced system performance in execute-in-place applications, and the Moneta family for energy harvesting and extreme low-power systems. Collectively, Adesto’s portfolio of memory technologies offers designers a wide variety of solutions for low-energy storage.

“As the Development Distributor, we seek to provide our customers with access to the latest innovative devices,” said Simon Meadmore, global head of semiconductors at Premier Farnell. “By adding Adesto to our growing list of global franchised suppliers, Premier Farnell is providing customers developing products for the Internet of Things with access to a wide range of high-quality NVM devices for their ultra-low power products, broadening their design options as they bring their products to market.”

“Through Premier Farnell we will further accelerate deployment of Adesto’s memory products, expanding our online presence and global footprint,” said Jim Monteverde, senior director of global distribution, Adesto. “Premier Farnell’s mass market approach with its deep reach into the maker community and academia make this a unique opportunity for continued growth.”

Premier Farnell is part of Avnet, with whom Adesto signed an expanded distribution agreement earlier this year. Avnet now distributes Adesto memory products across all regions worldwide. With the addition of this franchise, Premier Farnell and Avnet can support customers using Adesto devices from concept and design through to high-volume production.

Adesto’s memory products are available through Farnell element14 in Europe, Newark element14 in North America and element14 in Asia Pacific.


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Farnell Global trades as Farnell in Europe, Newark in North America, and element14 in Asia Pacific.  It also sells direct to consumers through its CPC business in the UK.

Farnell Global has been part of the established global technology distributor, Avnet (Nasdaq: AVT), since 2016. Today, this relationship allows the company to support its customers at every stage of the product life cycle, offering a truly unique distribution model, as well as expertise in end-to-end delivery and product design.

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