I must confess, I'm a sucker for geeky jewellery despite the fact I rarely wear anything (A watch and tags at the most). As it happens, so is a good friend, to the extent that geeky themes leak into their creations. If you have looked around any "maker" site like Makezine you'll have no doubt come across stuff make from old parts like keyrings made from PCB scraps, or ear rings from dead ICs. The previously mentioned friend has just released http://fav.me/d3d4i3r made from a couple of ICs still attached to their boards.This makes me curious, what would you like to see used in a new way like this? Personally, I'd love to see something creative done with a 595 or an ATmega328. Summer project perhaps?


Onto more serious things, Maker Faire UK 2011! What a great weekend that was! Like previous years it has was filled with hundreds (If not more) of visitors wandering around in amazement at all the makers and their work. From the wonderful Sugru and their special compound to Sonodrome and their synths and home brew UAV, there was something for everyone. Even after so long, I don't think I could pick a favourite. As usual with this community, everyone was friendly and happy to discuss anything. Always great to go to an event and meet even more makers (and even come away with a few friends) and make contacts with numerous companies! Over all, a great event with lots to see and do. Bring on next year!